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How much do I need to pay up front?

Two months rent in advance plus a tenancy sign up fee and that’s it! The tenancy sign up fee varies from property to property as the credit check charges change depending on how many tenants there are or if you have a guarantor or not. However, we can devise personalised payment plans if you are slightly short of the required amount so don’t worry you can still move!

Are there any application or credit scoring fees?

There is a small credit scoring fees or application fees as we do not always require a guarantor from all tenants.

What is a guarantor and why do I have to have one?

A guarantor is a UK home owner that acts as a guarantee that you will pay your rent. They would be responsible for your rent should you leave without giving the agreed notice or become unable to pay during your rental period. Not all tenants require a guarantor but it does reduce your upfront payment.

What happens if I can’t provide a guarantor?

If you are unable to find a guarantor we will accept an equivalent of 3 months rent to be held against your account or if you are wanting to claim housing benefits then the benefits will be required to be paid directly to us. This money is held as security and cannot be used by you to pay any rent.

Do I need to give notice should I wish to leave?

Yes , 1 months written notice is always required.

Does the rent include bills?

This depends totally on the package that has been created for your personal needs. Generally on a standard let where there are no special arrangements you are responsible for all your own bills including council tax.

How quickly can I move in?

Today! Simply choose your flat, bring the required documents and finances and we will give you the keys!

Can I keep pets?

Depends on what the pet is and which property you have decided you like, but the answer isn’t no.

Do we own all the properties?

Yes. You get the best possible price without any middle men taking a cut. With the added comfort that when anything goes wrong – we can rectify it straight away for you with our 24 hour on site maintenance team which is on call.

Is the property furnished?

We can provide both, again depending on individual requirements. Please call us and confirm with us what your requirements may be. If they are not furnished we do offer a furnishings package that should offer you excellent deals on the basics you may need. We appreciate moving can be expensive, so if it’s easier you can pay monthly until it is paid off.

Does the property have white goods in the kitchen?

There is an oven and hob and a fridge freezer. If you require any other white goods please ask.

What if there is a problem with the flat?

Simply call our office between the opening hours or call the relevant maintenance team out of office hours. We aim to respond to queries within 24 hours.

Can I decorate?

Yes, as long as when you return the flat to us in the same condition as when you found it. If in any doubt – please just ask.